Ascension Classes


Ascension is for all of you on your spiritual journey who are searching for answers.

It is learning how to know your true self and about raising your vibration to a higher    level of spiritual understanding.

The activations we are given in every class help with doing this.

We also learn how to rise above all of the negativity around us and on planet earth at this time.


These are basic ascension classes for those on a spiritual path and would like to know more with regards to developing the ‘higher mind’. This will also help with channeling and communicating with ‘higher Beings‘of Light.

Whoever wishes to attend these workshops will be required to commit to approximately a year of study and the understanding of the basic principles of ascension. These classes are divided into three modules with the student receiving a certificate on the completion of each one; eventually becoming a teacher of ascension classes.

The student will attend the sessions once a fortnight for approximately two and a half  hours each time and you will receive information material throughout the course. There will be time for discussions and question and answer sections to help the student become confident and more spiritually aware.

Each module has six sessions. The sixth session will be a time for reflection on everything discussed throughout the course. There will be a short test at the end followed by a certificate presented when the tutor is satisfied the student has understood the entire module.

During every session the student will receive spiritual activations, helping to raise their vibration to a much higher level of spiritual understanding.

These ascension classes are relaxed and joyful and you will be amazed at the amount of spiritual knowledge and wisdom you will gain; helping you with every aspect of your life.

Lindsey can offer training by video currently and send distant healing if needed.

2-hour session

£ 25
per person, per session