What is Thought Field Therapy (TFT)?

TFT is a simple but powerful therapy for resolving emotional and quite often psychological problems, it can provide often rapid and incredibly effective results in helping to bring relief from all types of stress and anxiety.

TFT is an emotional form of non-invasive acupuncture in which, instead of using needles, we tap with our fingers to stimulate certain meridian points to help us clear stress, anxiety, negative states and traumas. The body and mind function as an integrated whole – what we feel and think has an immediate effect on our physical health.

Unique treatments for each client

Within a treatment, I can use a combination of therapeutic techniques – such as NLP techniques, Havening, Inner Child, Life Coaching and Self Development skills. I make each treatment unique to my client – whether their problems are related to Mind, Body or Spirit.

I am also able to test for Individual Energy Toxins which once identified and neutralised can have a profound effect on the way you are feeling.

Lindsey can offer treatments by video currently and send distant healing if required.

1 hour session

£ 55 1 hour session
  • List Item #3

1.5-hour session

£ 75 1.5-hour session
  • List Item #3

2-hour session

£ 100 2-hour session
  • List Item #3