Emotional wellbeing and personal development

Physical wellbeing – personal training

Spiritual wellbeing – Rahanni Healing


At Inspire2Change, Lindsey Gray offers a range of holistic therapies and personal 1-2-1 training, giving her the opportunity to teach her clients and help them on all levels, whether it be physically, emotionally or for complete relaxation.

Lindsey can offer treatments by video currently and send distant healing if required.

Self Esteem & Confidence
Weight & Body Issues
Fitness & Toning
Health & Nutrition
Self Development
Exam & Driving Nerves
Anger & Rage

Life Trauma
Relationship Problems
Grief & Anguish
Stress & Anxiety
Panic Attacks
Fears & Phobias
Jealousy & Envy

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Inspire2Change Reviews and Testimonials

    5 star review  Thank you so much for my Rahanni session today. I feel so positive about what's to come. It's given me a new outlook! I'll definitely be continuing sessions.

    thumb Clare Martin

    5 star review  I have Lindsey as my personal trainer every week. She tailors a routine to suit each persons personal needs and requirements I have been working out with Lindsey for quite a while now and the difference in my body, stamina and progress is amazing. If any one is looking for a one to one trainer send her a message and give her a try �. ��

    thumb Lynne Fyson

    positive review  I have been having rahannni with Lindsey for many years. I don’t feel there is enough room to fully express my gratitude for her support through some very challenging times. Lindsey’s natural way of being and wisdom has made me feel safe to share without feeling judged. The Rahannni energy combined with Lindsey’s energy is so powerful and has helped me release , connect and become more in tune with my undiscovered self 🙏🏾❤️

    thumb Paula Osei - Gyamfi
  • 5 star review  I would highly recommend Lindsey to anyone looking to improve their wellbeing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Lindsey provides a relaxed and welcoming environment along with her positive, uplifting and friendly nature, you feel instantly at ease. I have benefitted from the rahanni healing, thought field therapy (tft) and more recently personal training. I can honestly say I feel so much more confident in myself and my abilities, I have gained clarity and insight through tft and rahanni which has allowed me to find some inner peace. I have been working with Lindsey for a a good few years now and have never looked back. Lindsey is very open, empathic and understanding, and is noticeably passionate about wanting to improve people's lives. Since starting personal training I feel so much stronger as Lindsey encourages you through each exercise, working with you and teaching you the correct technique and how to breath effectively, she also pushes you enough to feel like you have really achieved something in every session, I always come away feeling empowered and energised. Lindsey is an inspirational person and the work we have done has truly changed my life! 🙂

    thumb Lucy Skinner

    5 star review  I was feeling pretty lost within myself and didn’t really know where to turn or how to deal with issues that were going on in my life. I wasn’t speaking to anyone and holding all my feeling and thoughts in. After my first session with Lindsay I knew I had made the right choice to go and see her as she immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. We did some TFT therapy which was a massive help for me and taught me how to open up and speak about things which is something I wouldn’t usually do. She also completely changed the way I think and see things, and I can safely say she changed the way I view things and how to deal with life issues that naturally occur. I have also been having Rahanni for the past 6 weeks with Lindsay, which is an amazing experience and I would highly recommended for everyone to try it!

    thumb Connor Glanville

    5 star review  Lindsey has provided me with a full range of treatments, including Rahanni and personal training. I couldn't recommend her enough. Her approach is calming but she certainly gets results. I had never experienced Rahanni before going to see Lindsey and although had experienced Reiki, it was a completely different feeling. I left feeling brighter and positive about my path. Her personal training sessions are intense, but with plenty of stretching throughout, I always leave feeling wonderful - who'd have thought exercise could do that?! Thank you Lindsey!

    thumb Clare Hopping